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Sideshow Toys Premium Format Wonder Woman Figure Available For Pre-Order February 13th

Sideshow Toys Premium Format Wonder Woman Figure Available For Pre-Order February 13th

There are a few things I’d always imagined I’d do if I ever won the lottery: travel the world, help some people who really need it, maybe one or two things I won’t go into detail about… and then buy everything in the Sideshow Toys booth at San Diego Comic Con, and have my house look like an even more out of control version of Ricky Schroeder’s dad’s house on Silver Spoons (just Google it, Millennials.)

The latest work of true nerd art from the fine folks at Sideshow is their Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure. The figure (which is a statue, really) comes dressed in her classic red, gold and blue, and thankfully not that red, silver and navy blue crap she wears in the comics now. I hope someone at the Warner Brothers production offices sees this baby and decides to make Gal Gadot’s costume in Batman Vs. Superman look just like it, because this version of the costume is nearly flawless.  For those of you fortunate enough to be able to afford this, it becomes available for pre-sale on Thursday, February 13th.  

The official website also offers you a chance to win your own version of this figure as well, and there’s a brief video showing a peek into the production of the statue.



  1. Chris Dangerfield says:

    The model has something hard about the facial planes. Her eyes are tiny and odd in shape and the rest of the planes of her face seem to be echoing her headband as opposed to attempting to be an appealing face. I know they want her to look like a tough DUDE, but methinks they are succeeding a touch too much. The boobs simply echo silicone implants that look like slightly over-sized tennis ball silicone implants. A lot of work went into this model it’s too bad they didn’t keep “appeal” in mind as they went.

  2. Mikey says:

    “Dat’s a dude, Maury!”

  3. Elaine says:

    I can’t imagine how insanely uncomfortable that uniform would be. Why in the world are her boobs pushed into those weird scoop shapes? I mean, I like a supportive bra as much as the next woman, but that thing looks like it’s cutting off circulation to the boobs.