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Shawn DePasquale Launches THE GALAXY GIRLS Kickstarter

Shawn DePasquale Launches THE GALAXY GIRLS Kickstarter

Are you into action? Crave adventure? Dig creator-owned comics? Like dangerous space ladies? (Trick question, of course you do.)

Then you might want to check out The Galaxy Girls, the Kickstarter comic from fellow Nerdist-made-good Shawn DePasquale and comic artist Sherard Jackson (Semantic Lace, Image).

Here’s the synopsis:

The Galaxy Girls is an original (DIGITAL) graphic novel about two sisters attempting to mend their broken relationship as they race to retrieve their stolen ship, prevent a corrupt government from using a devastating weapon of mass destruction and save the universe from annihilation at the hands of an ancient creature known as The Nibiru.

The all-female crew of The Galaxy Girl will have to deliver a cache of Quantum-Hallucinogens to a planet of mythical-God worshipping natives, however, the mission is quickly revealed to be set-up and it isn’t long before the Intergalactic Union sends in their elite police force to impound the girls’ ship and arrest the team.

Now Mallori and the rest of the “Galaxy Girls” race the clock to build an army big enough to fight the Intergalactic Union, protect the planet stronghold of the Independent movement (a rebellious uprising of those who believe the Union is an evil empire), and steal their damn ship back!

If the project reaches its $11,000 goal, DePasquale plans to release The Galaxy Girls in January of 2015. In the meantime, he’s offering a free prologue on the book’s Kickstarter page along with a 12-page preview of the book itself.

In a breakdown of how the money will be used, DePasquale explains that $9,900 will go towards paying his artist for the 113-page book with the writer covering all fees associated with the rewards. The two-month campaign ends on August 22nd.