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“Shaun” In 60 Seconds

What more can you ask for than Shaun of the Dead in claymation? How about Shaun of the Dead in claymation in sixty seconds (plus another half-minute promoting Lee Hardcastle’s other claymation videos)?:

HT for that one: none other than Edgar Wright

That wasn’t the first Shaun in sixty seconds; there was this animated version done in Scott Pilgrim style that was entered in the Empire/Jameson Done in 60 Seconds Competition this year:

And a live-action one from the same competition:

And yet another, but this time in five seconds:


  1. Amber says:

    Thanks for posting this!

    I love watching great content like this, but it makes me sad that I don’t take time to do enough of my own creative stuff. Maybe when I get my copy of The Nerdist Way, I’ll find some inspiration (probably will still procrastinate).

  2. karenlucrece says:

    oh, that first live action one gets some bonus points for cake flushing.