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Shatner + Poetry = Shatoetry, the App

When William Shatner challenged the people of Twitter to define “Shatoetry,” the guesses were creative and funny, which was a fitting way to lead into the introduction of Shatoetry on November 1st.

So, what is it?  Shatoetry combines the addictive nature of magnet poetry with the convenience of a smart phone app. The feature that makes this app special is the ability to have William Shatner read your creations. From personal experience, I find it a delight to hear the poetry that I have crafted voiced in William Shatner’s unique style.

The iPhone app costs slightly more than most ($2.99), but there are enough options available to make the app worth the investment. There are two ways to interact with the game: You can create Shatnerisms alone or do it with friends. The results can be shared via Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or email, or saved as a picture. There are plenty of words to get you started, and, according to the @shatoetry site, they will be adding more words.

The interface is pretty intuitive. There is a handy splash screen that reminds you how to work the game.  Playing alone is fun, but it could be a really cool party game, too.  All of these qualities make the app well worth the price to download.

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