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Shakespeare Lady Roll

Folks who tuned in to Attack of the Show today probably thought this was a sketch. I certainly did. But I can PROMISE you, IT WAS REAL. Apparently there was a crossed feed and instead of seeing Kevin Pereira and guest host Jessica Chobot, the first three minutes of the show were accidentally hijacked by Chris Barkley, a Shakespeare professor who is about to get REALLY famous as she takes up the scepter as the new Rickroll, something I HOPE you good nerds will help propagate. Please, I beg of you as nerds, MEME THIS. It is your DUTY. Now. Don’t wait. Put down your food fork or your XBox controller. The Memeverse NEEDS you.

Professor Barkley apparently teaches Lit at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA and I’m pretty sure this is her home page.

via @MikeWolve