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Sex, News, And Videotape

This one’s for… well, ABOUT the guys, really.  Or, at least, about how guys are.

A study at Indiana University determined that the more attractive a female TV news anchor is, the less likely men are to remember what she said.  Yes, someone thought they needed a study to confirm this.  I hope they got a really hefty grant, too.

The methodology isn’t that air tight, not that it needed to be — they took 400 guys, split the group, had half hear a news story told by a woman in tight-fitting clothes with red lipstick and a necklace and the other half hear the same story with the same anchor in loose clothing and no lipstick or necklace. (I’d think you’d want the same group to hear two stories from different anchors; maybe one group is composed of more horn dogs than the other)  The results were just what you’d expect. Also, the men thought that the more attractive version is “less suited for war or political reporting.”

What about female subjects? They remembered a little more that the anchor in makeup and lipstick said.

Again, this necessitated a formal study. I’d be more outraged, but it’s almost time for the weather on channel 2. For some reason, I can never remember the forecast once it’s over.

Source: Miller-McCune via CNBC

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  1. McDuff says:

    Ha ha! Is funny because even when formal studies confirm male privilege and gender bias exists on a large scale, male bloggers can still ridicule it without engaging in any self examination!

    Ah, privilege. Gotta love it, ain’tcha. Now get back on the weather channel and make me some cupcakes.

  2. miko says:

    does that mean that i think every anchor is attractive because i dont remember what any of them say.

  3. Hurricane Ditka says:

    Maybe one of the groups just had a lipstick fetish?