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Episode 87: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex Down Under
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #87: Sex Down Under

HARDCORE KOALAS, AUSTRALIAN STDs, & VULVA CUPCAKES! Sex educator & community organizer Kate McCombs shares wisdom from the land down under. But first, a little life update with friend Jason Porath.

TOPICS: Happiness, SFSI Training, Sex Geekdom, Scrota, Socialized Medicine, Brothels, Amsterdam, Cross-Cultural Comparisons, Condom Fatigue, Gorilla Mating, “Dirty Tail,” Japanese Masturbation Bar, Vulva Puppet Travel, Foreskins & Circumcision, and Nerd vs Geek!


Kate McCombs is a sex educatorblogger, and speaker, specializing in sex-positive and pleasure-inclusive approaches to sexual health promotion. She’s originally from California, but moved to Australia to get her Masters in Public Health at the University of Melbourne, which she completed in 2011. In addition to facilitating workshops, Kate works as a teaching/research assistant and guest lecturer for the School of Population Health at the University of Melbourne. She’s also the founder of, a website designed to bridge the gap between online and real-life community for sex educators, researchers, and others who might identify as sex geeks.

Jason Porath is a creative guy, lending his talents to the world of filmmaking, animation and comics. Do yourself a favor and click on his name to check out his blog.


  1. Ncrediblebulk says:

    One of the best explanations of geek/nerd I’ve ever heard. Also everything else discussed was awesome.