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Episode 86: Sex Nerd Sandra
Awkward Moments
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #86: Awkward Moments

THREESOMES, CONSPIRACY THEORY, & FONDLING! Sandra searches for social certainty with comedian Guy Branum & Monica Moon. TOPICS: Bedroom Communication, Social Science, Lawyer People, Spectrum People, Defining the Awkward, Beyonce vs Jay-Z, Rules of Engagement, the Ear Trick, Non-Fiction Science, Girls vs Boys (vs People), Ambiguity, Friendship Safe Word, Making Stronger Choices, Eating the Cookie, Remembering Names, Celebrity Coaching, Threesome Fail & the Sexiest Glove Trick.

Guy Branum is a writer and comedian best known for serving as “Staff Homosexual” on Chelsea Lately and his performance as Natalie Portman’s sassy gay friend in No Strings Attached. Noticing a trend? He’s appeared on E!, MTV, G4, CurrentTV, and lots of other channels you’d need to upgrade your cable to watch. He’s also a writer for the new season of Punk’d on MTV and Fashion Police on E!. That means he’s watched the Grammys at Joan Rivers’s house. Jealous? Guy also writes for the “Gay Voices” section of The Huffington Post and occasionally makes web vidoes where he dances around without his shirt on. But mostly, Guy is very, very beautiful and good at having sex. Follow his twitter handle @GuyBranum.

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  • I LOVE your opening piece about beginning communication with where you are. I think what happens when we’re feeling awkward is that we’re overly externally focused, We’re thinking about ourselves, but not FEELING ourselves. We’re focused on how we are coming across rather than just noticing what’s happening inside ourselves in the moment. So to be able to name where one is (if I’m silent, I’m probably shutting down, etc.) is a great way to just sort of check back in with yourself and sync up.

  • I better hear about queefing in this podcast. i just discovered Sex Nerd Sandra and have been working my way through them and i have yet to hear anything relating to the ultra embarassing sex ruining queef.