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Episode 79: Sex Nerd Sandra
Looking for Love
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #79: Looking for Love

SINGLES MIXERS, ONLINE DATING, & FIRE PLAY! Nerdist’s Monica Moon and game developer Ivan Van Norman join Sandra and Dave on stage live at NerdMelt for a round of “Wow, it’s weird to be single!”

TOPICS: Sex Nerd Speed Dating, National Geographic Mating Dance, So Much Awkwardness, Wingmen, Brain Aneurisms, Buddy System, Fake Occupations, Stupid Questions, Psychological Damage, “King of the Nerds,” Online Dating Profile Tips Galore, Messaging No-No’s, Pickup Tips for Nice People, Smooching, Cum Jokes, Marry-F*ck-Kill, a surprise guest, and IVAN LIGHTS SANDRA ON FIRE!

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