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Episode 63: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex Nerds Unite!
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #63: Sex Nerds Unite!

ANAL G-SPOTTING, SEX SOUNDS, & SEX GEEK RETREATS! Sandra reveals her secret motives behind her new show. Dave & Sandra talk Sumo Wrestling, Dildos, Making Out with Smokers, Sandra’s Sex Lab, Sex Nerd Shame, Car Jerk-Off Techniques, and Presidential Cigars. THEN, Dee Dennis shares how she went from lonely spouse to sex blogger to sex conference mogul, uniting sex-positives in beautiful nerdery.


Dee Dennis is a sex blogger turned activist and conference organizer. She’s the founder of CatalystCon, a conference created to spark communication in sexuality, activism and acceptance. You can follow her on Twitter @DeeDennis.

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