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Sex Nerd Sandra #164: Sex Spotlight: Keith and The Girl
Episode 164: Sex Nerd Sandra
Sex Spotlight: Keith and The Girl
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #164: Sex Spotlight: Keith and The Girl

GHOST PENIS, BREAKING UP AND CELEBRITY FACES! Sandra makes friends with the insightful podcast pioneer duo Keith Malley and Chemda of Keith and The Girl. TOPICS: Staying Together for the Baby, Mutual Breakup, Louis C.K.’s Divorce Wisdom, Popping the Emotional Question, Feeling Like a Princess, Trans Identity, Lauren Hennessey, Accidental Activism, Trans Expectations, Plastic Surgery, Angelina Jolie, Meg Ryan & James Spader, Facelifts, Body Judgements, Lorde & Kelly Clarkson, Glam Rock, Makeup Phobia, Strap-ons, Masculine Identity, Being Seen, and Aging Gracefully.

Keith Malley: As the pioneers of podcasting, Keith Malley and his co-host Chemda host the Keith and The Girl show. The show began in March, 2005 and has been on the top of the charts for over 9 years.

After a mere year performing stand-up comedy, Keith Malley was the 2004 grand prize winner at the prestigious World Comedy Laugh Off in New York City. He immediately recorded his debut CD/DVD Coming of Age and vowed to record a new one-take only CD/DVD each and every birthday with all new material. He has just released his 11th CD/DVD entitled God Made Me, which immediately reached #1 in multiple countries.

Malley is the author of two books. In 2001, he self-published his autobiography online, “The Great American Novel.” It became the most downloaded book on the internet, followed by Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” He updated it to include his life up to the age of 30 and put the book out as a physical book as well as an audio book. His second publication, “What Do We Do Now?,” which he co-authored with Chemda and was published in 2010 by Three Rivers Press, went into its second printing within its first week of release.

Chemda: Chemda was born in Israel and has lived in New York City since she was 4 years old. She currently lives in Queens with her fiance, actor Lauren Hennessy. She is a talk show host, writer and singer. In addition to Keith and The Girl, Chemda is host of the What’s My Name Show found on the KATG network. Along with Keith, Chemda’s first published book, “What Do We Do Now?” (A relationship advice book) was released in March, 2010 and went into its second printing within one week of its release.

Chemda made her first professional appearance in 1995 on reggae artist Dr. Israel’s second album. Since then, she was the lead singer and choreographer for Mighty Dub Katz; featured on Comedy Central alongside comedian Jeff Ross; and teamed up with Rhys Fulber (formerly of Front Line Assembly) for Conjure One as writer and singer, with songs featured on ESPN and EA Sports’ FIFA 2002.

Along with recent European tours, Chemda completed a US/Canadian tour as the sole vocalist for Conjure One, performing in venues such as Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC and Irving Plaza, NYC. She has recorded vocals for the follow-up album to Conjure One entitled “Extraordinary Ways.” Chemda is a singer/songwriter on the album “Patterns of War” as part of dubstep band Dreadtone International. She frequently revives her appearances in the rock-musical Viva Patshiva, and she continues to write and collaborate with various artists around the world.

Check out Chemda’s holiday album “Christmas Classics by The Girl,” her prank-call album “Clowned by The Girl,” and, right now, you can download her original song “Surrender” at a “pay what you want” price in the KATG store. You can also purchase Voodoolulu’s “Meooow Royale,” which features Chemda on vocals.

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  1. Overand says:

    Wow.  Please, never ever have Keith Malley on your show again.  I’d never heard him before, but after hearing him on your show – which usually has awesome, insightful people, his vapid, shallow, sexist and totally off-base comments were endlessly frustrating. It’s way out of character for your show.

  2. myfaceisqueer says:

    “I was lied to!” – Lol. Yes my partner wore a yellow shirt yesterday, but a blue one today. OMG, I WAS LIED TO!!! They also shaved today. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON!!! It’s as if people can change physical aspects of themselves, who knew?