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Sex Nerd Sandra #142: Picking Your Partner with Elle Chase and Kate Loree, LMFT
Episode 142: Sex Nerd Sandra
Picking Your Partner with Elle Chase and Kate Loree, LMFT
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #142: Picking Your Partner with Elle Chase and Kate Loree, LMFT

LOVE AT FIRST SITE & THE SPEED OF ATTRACTION! Sandra searches for the facts on how to choose someone who is right for you. Sex educator Elle Chase shares her current dilemma, while therapist Kate Loree throws down some knowledge on what the person you fall in love with says about YOU! TOPICS: Ego, Ignoring Your Instincts, Life Experience, Storytelling, Dating Site Fails, Young Guys, Courting Process, The List, Valid Feelings, New Relationship Energy, Neurochemicals, Imago Therapy, Falling in Love, Corrective Experience, Emotional IQ, Breakup Pain, The Known vs Unknown, Exhilaration and Finding a Growth-Oriented Partner. P.S. DON’T DATE WHEN YOU’RE LONELY!

Elle Chase (Lady Cheeky) is passionate about passion. A sex educator, writer, speaker and coach, Elle focuses on positive body image, reigniting sexual expression and better sex after 40. Her highly trafficked websites, (NSFW) and have both garnered multiple awards, including LA Weekly’s Best Sex Blog 2013 and’s Best of Tumblr Porn. Elle speaks at sexuality conferences across the country, publishes erotica & sexuality articles, gives workshops, and recently launched the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education where she serves as Education Coordinator. You can find Elle at, and on Twitter: @smutforsmarties and @LadyCheeky (NSFW).

Kate Loree is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing out of Encino, CA. She has an eclectic therapy approach that emphasizes insight, emotional healing, and empowerment to help individuals and couples reach their highest potential and have more gratifying lives.Through an alliance of trust and collaboration, she works with clients to untangle confusing thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns to rediscover the capacity to make meaningful choices that are right for the client and their relationship. She is connected to modern practices and therapies; and well informed of latest trends in the mental health field. She works with her clients to set clear expectations and goals for their therapeutic process.