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Sex Nerd Sandra #141: Struggling with Monogamy – Part 2! Live in DC with Twanna Hines, Jenn Tisdale and Pere Estupinyà!
Episode 141: Sex Nerd Sandra
Struggling with Monogamy -…
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #141: Struggling with Monogamy – Part 2! Live in DC with Twanna Hines, Jenn Tisdale and Pere Estupinyà!

MORE DRAMA! Comedian Jenn Tisdale, sex educator Twanna Hines, and several audience members, including science journalist Pere Estupinyà, weigh in! TOPICS: Jealousy, Security, Giving Up, Monogamy vs Marriage, OKTwitter, Depression, Swinging Monogamists, “Sexually Social,” This American Life, Paradox of Choice, Online Dating, Dying Alone, “Manic Pixie Dream Girl,” Codependence, Personal Growth, “Fewer the Merrier,” Halo Effect of Monogamy, Social vs Sexual Monogamy, The Science of Falling in Love, and THE BEST ACCENT EVER.


Twanna A. Hines, M.S., is an award­-winning educator and columnist focused on the sociology of sexuality and its relationship to culture and Internet technology. Founder of Funky Brown Chick, she has appeared on CNN, NPR, Sirius, CBC, and Paris Première. She has written for Lifetime, Mashable, New York Press, Fast Company, the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera. She has also been quoted in a host of outlets throughout the U.S., from New York magazine to the San Francisco Chronicle.


Jenn Tisdale is a DC comic and writer for Brightest Young Things. The best/worst place to find her is on Twitter at @Jenn_Tisdale.


Pere Estupinyà is a learned Chemist and Biochemist, author and science communicator by vocation who, after a short time as a PhD researcher, moved to science journalism. Follow him on Twitter!


Thanks to photographer Darian Glover for taking shots of the live show!


  1. Walpurgis Knight says:


    I believe that I’ve listened to every one of your podcasts since day one. You are smart, funny in a very creative way, and your podcasts are generally quite informative.

    On the subject of monogamy and marriage, I’m guessing that you’ve spent less time really examining this in the wonderful, nerdy way that you examine sex.

    I share your interest in learning about sex. In addition to your podcast, I also read a number of blogs, including, started by Debbie Herbenick — a professor affiliated with the Kinsey Institute. One of the “official” bloggers mentioned that she was getting certified in Emotionally Focused Therapy,” as it was the only couple’s counseling that had been proven to work. I looked into this and go have now read a number of books on the topic, specifically the work of Sue Johnson.

    I suggest that you get one of Dr. Johnson’s books. If you really want to geek out on it, I recommend Love Sense. EFT and adult attachment theory may provide you a new perspective as to how to create and maintain loving relationships and how to fix them when problems occur. It will also explain how secure relationships are the foundation from which one can face the world.

    Happy reading!