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Sex Nerd Sandra #135: Commitment Phobia with Sarah & Gregory plus Jason Porath
Episode 135: Sex Nerd Sandra
Psychic Spouses
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #135: Commitment Phobia with Sarah & Gregory plus Jason Porath

SOUL MATES FOR REALSIES! Sandra seeks to understand marriage. Artist Jason Porath and marital unit Sarah and Gregory weigh in. TOPICS: Beyond the Wedding, Relief, Journeys Just Starting, Fear of Choosing Wrong, Future Kids’ Names, Nightwing, Prioritizing the “We,” “Venus and Mars on a Date,” 1st Marriage Mistakes, Cohabitating, Wedding Ritual, Ketubah, Sex Life Changes, Tools, Cultivating Love, Couple’s Therapy, Aligning Brain Waves, Recurring Arguments, Commitment Phobia, Pure “I” Statements, Going to Bed Angry, Triggers, How to Fight, and knowing the difference between who you are and how you be.


Sarah and Gregory are a couple of soul mates living in Los Angeles, CA.


Jason Porath is a comic and computer graphics artist. He writes, draws, blogs, and goes on a lot of adventures with our intrepid hostess Sandra. He’s a pretty rad dude. He can be found on the web at, or on Twitter at @jasonporath.


  1. boB says:

    Fixed! Thanks a lot, I really didn’t want to have to skip this one.

  2. dudeguy says:

    Yeah, its like the actual episode is talking over the Sandra doing her promo stuff, and just keeps going once you get into the actual show

  3. boB says:

    same here.

  4. Lennon says:

    There’s something mighty strange going on with the audio on this one. I can hear Sandra and a guest chatting in the background of the intro music and preamble but it doesn’t sound intentional.