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Sex Nerd Sandra #131: Breath Play with Mike Squillacioti & ‘Leon’
Episode 131: Sex Nerd Sandra
Breath Play with Mike…
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #131: Breath Play with Mike Squillacioti & ‘Leon’

COMPLETE STRANGER SHARES HIS MASTURBATION TECHNIQUE. Artist Mike Squillacioti and a mysterious man join Sandra for a new twist on breathing during sex. TOPICS: Linguistic Distancing, The Tantra Episode, NO Erotic Asphyxiation, Swimming, Olympics, Sphincters, Nipple Clamps, Roller Coaster timing, Hypoxia, Masturbation, Porn Expectations, “Going to the Club,” Bicycle Seat Prostate Pressure, and a Frozen Steak to the Balls. THEN WE TURN A CORNER: “Do you need a lot of experience to be a good lover?” We discuss.


About artist Mike Squillacioti:

“In today’s world where we keep striving for acceptance, achievement and success, we sometimes lose focus on the bigger picture. I believe that life’s deepest meaning is not found in accomplishments but in the relationship we have with ourselves.

My art, which focuses mostly on nature, allows me to escape into a place of peace, harmony and universal love. And it is through my paintings that I hope, even just for a short moment, to take you with me so you too can experience this place that heals and soothes one’s soul. ” – Michael Squillacioti

Check out Mike’s art on Etsy here.


Leon is a secret person. He knows how to swim. We know that much.