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Sex Nerd Sandra #118: Love with Emily
Episode 118: Sex Nerd Sandra
Love With Emily
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #118: Love with Emily

Sex expert Dr. Emily Morse joins Sandra for a philosophical jaunt through love and relationships. How DO you find… The One?

TOPICS: Emily & Tony Goodies, Down Under Comfort, Dry Balls, Handlers, Reality TV, Embracing “Expert,” Life Balance, Polyamory, Changing in a Relationship, Gender Language, Dating Patter Exercise, Healthy Relationships, Radical Honesty and Cultivating Self Love!

Dr. Emily Morse is a sex expert and host of the top downloaded sex and relationship advice podcast Sex with Emily. Emily launched the Sex with Emily radio show and podcast in 2005 before becoming a Bravo television personality on Miss Advised.

Emily is dedicated to educating men and women about Kegel exercises (check out her iPhone App: Kegel Camp) and is the author of the popular book “Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight.” She is a weekly guest co-host on the nationally syndicated radio show Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Emily earned her Doctor of Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco and received her BA in Psychology from University of Michigan.

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Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

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  1. Stefan says:

    I’m 23 and just in a hurricane of emotions and thoughts and the back end of this podcast really vibed with me. I can hear the sincerity and how much you care about your listeners through these mediocre headphones and I really appreciate all of what you said Sandra and Emily. You ladies are wonderful and I’m looking forward to listening to more of your stuff!

  2. Julie says:

    I have to agree with Vanessa. These were great topics in a fantastic dialogue between great experts (yes, Sandra, you are!), but it was incredibly painful to try to listen to Dr. Morse. I hope she’ll consider slowing way down before the next time she’s recorded.

  3. Vanessa says:

    Omg Emily speaks so fast it’s making me nervous!! Really interesting podcast, great topic, but please slow down 🙂

  4. Mike Ramsey says:

    PCMan, the age + marriage comment wasn’t about extending adolescence. They aren’t even talking about that. They’re talking about how the age span of 18-30 is a HUGE growing time and you may not like the same things you liked when you were 18 – so getting married so young may not turn out so well.

    I’m interested in what you’re saying though. What other things do people do to extend adolescence? I think in a way a portion of people do, but not most. I’d be interested to hear what you say.

  5. PCMan says:

    Not get married until they are in their 30s? That is the stupidest idea ever. Listen, if you are 18, you are old enough to get married, go to war and die, and old enough to pick a major.
    I am so tired of people trying to extend adolescence until they are 40. Grow the fuck up and deal with life. Sometimes it is good to grow with someone. Sometimes it doesn’t work. If it doesn’t work, you can move on because…

  6. Ollie N. says:

    i love SNS but man this Emily needs to slow down.

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