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Sex Nerd Sandra #113: Erogenous Zones! Live Sex Nerd Sandra Show – NYC
Episode 113: Sex Nerd Sandra
Erogenous Zones! Live Sex…
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #113: Erogenous Zones! Live Sex Nerd Sandra Show – NYC

NIPPLES, NAPES and NULLO! Comedian Erin Lennox and musician Blain Macintosh help Sandra discuss hot spots! TOPICS: Slutty Pride, Big Nipples, Breast Perimeter Sweeps, Nipple-Clit Trifecta, Moving Targets, Fake Ear Theories, Boob-on-the-Eye, Blindfold & Breast Story, Ticklish Zones, Man Nipples, Nape of Neck, Power Moves, Queefing, Nullo, Smegma, Sounding, Headgasms and Return of the Orgy Dome!


Thanks to DefconDan for taking a great pic from the show!


Erin Lennox is a writer/comedian based in Brooklyn, NY.  She is originally from Chapel Hill, NC and has been in exactly three bar fights.  As a stand up, Erin has performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival, the Cape Fear Comedy Festival, the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and at an impromptu roast of her grandfather.  She has performed at clubs, colleges, and alternative venues all over the country including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Telluride, Wilmington, Nashville, and Austin. She is the host of DTF, a bi-monthly comedy show at The Grand Victory Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She also writes a lot of the commercials you fast forward through. Erin studied journalism at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and also drank a lot at football games. Tweet at her HERE!

Blain Macintosh is a professional rock star in the New York City area.