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Sex Nerd Sandra #110: Live Sex Nerd Sandra Show BOSTON!
Episode 110: Sex Nerd Sandra
Live Sex Nerd Sandra Show…
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #110: Live Sex Nerd Sandra Show BOSTON!

DRAGON PENIS! Sexologist Megan Andelloux ( and comedian Will Smalley join Sandra on the first stop of her tour! TOPICS: Comedy, Hair Removal Techniques, Pubic Faux Hawk, Ball Shaving Tutorial, Threading, Neat Show & Tell, Antiques Road Show, A-to-M, The Worst Milkshake, Butt Plug Basics, Dirty Talk, Honey Bear and Baby Jesus.


Will Smalley: Fresh off the line with that “new car” smell, Comedian Will Smalley has readily established himself as a powerful new voice and innovative joke writer in the Boston comedy scene. Will was a Finalist in the 2012 Boston Comedy Festival, has been featured in the Women In Comedy festival, and is a mainstay in the major comedy clubs and colleges across the Northeast. Will was selected to be Comic In Residence at the Comedy Studio in 2011 and has been a writer for MY-TV Network.


Megan Andelloux is the founder and director of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, is certified as a Sexuality Educator through The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and works as a board certified Sexologist through The American College of Sexologists. She has worked full-time in the field of Sexuality Education for more than fourteen years.

Andelloux can be found online at and/or She can be found on Tumblr at HiOhMegan, Twitter @HiOhMegan and Facebook at Megan Andelloux.  She is completely searchable.


  1. Scullyd90 says:

    All this talk of bare nether region makes me want to suggest Coochie shaving cream and aftershave. I think it is similar to the different products you guys talked about but I think this stuff is the cats pajamas. Makes a huge difference in how my bikini line looks a couple days after shaving.