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Sex Nerd Sandra #109: Girl Sex 101
Episode 109: Sex Nerd Sandra
Girl Sex 101
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #109: Girl Sex 101

HOW TO DRIVE A VULVA! Author and sex educator Allison Moon (Tales of the Pack) reveals valuable wisdom from her new book project, “Girl Sex 101.” Help kickstart it, today! TOPICS: Vaginal Fisting, Zen and the Art of Vulva Maintenance, Power Femmes, The Patriarchy, Flirting, Approaching Women, Pleasuring a Female, Laying Back and Taking it, Consenting Touch, Small Changes That Make Big Differences, Cultural Programming, Dyke Douches, Driving Metaphors, Topping, Hand Techniques, The Vulcan, Squirt Training, and Sexual Superheroes!


Allison Moon is the author of the Tales of the Pack series about lesbian werewolves. Last year, she successfully Kickstarted the 2nd in the series, Hungry Ghost. She was a 2011 Lambda Literary Emerging LGBT Authors Fellow. She’s a passionate advocate for independent artists and the democratization of publishing tools. She’s also a sex educator who has presented her workshops (including Girl Sex 101) to thousands of people around the US and Canada.


Check out the Girl Sex 101 Kickstarter campaign!


  1. tres says:


  2. Yuta says:

    Were you flirting with her Sandra? That was so hot :)

  3. sydney says:

    Allison’s definition of “patriarchy” was exquisite. One of my favorite episodes so far.