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Episode 106: Sex Nerd Sandra
Bend Over Boyfriend
Sex Nerd SandraSex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra #106: Bend Over Boyfriend

PEGGING! Writer and educator Ruby Ryder shares how fun it can be to trade places! Sandra and Larkin soak up booty strap-on secrets galore! TOPICS: “Embracing Your Kink,” Myths and Misconceptions, Reddit, Blowup Dolls, Designing a Workshop, Choosing Equipment, Pegging Porn, Hygiene, Height & Positions, Femininity, Fantasy, Keeping Secrets, Foreplay, Rimming, Packing & Playing, Erections, Stamina, and TMIs Galore!


When Ruby Ryder decided to embrace her kink of strap-on sex, or pegging, the thing she wanted most alongside gaining actual experience was to share her pegging erotica with the world. Three years ago she started a blog and posted her stories. Her passion for the subject motivated her to scour the internet, gathering information. That experience was like diving down the rabbit hole that kept presenting amazing discoveries and still does to this day. Soon the student became the teacher and Ruby found her mission; to share her passion with others. The potential pleasure and intimacy in pegging are far beyond what most people imagine. She wanted to turn a spotlight on that potential, offer accurate information and give people who practice pegging a forum to discuss the various physical, emotional and mental aspects of it. Ruby is happy to report that since beginning this journey she has gotten a satisfying amount of hands-on experience! More than anything she is thrilled to be sharing her passion with the world.

These days Ruby’s erotic pegging stories and blog can be found at If you are new to pegging and want undiluted information, that can be found at Her weekly podcast is on iTunes. She will be moderating the  “ass panel” at CatalystCon West in September. She’s working on two books, teaches at adult toy stores, BDSM clubs and private gatherings. Ruby recently received news that one of her erotic pegging stories will be included in Women’s Best Erotica 2014!

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  1. highrollerd20 says:

    Question…In listening to this episode, I heard one of the ladies state not to do enemas, but to do anal douching. Implying some sort of negative consequences to enemas. I have heard this several times but have never heard anyone state the real hazards of anal enemas. If you are aware of the neg consequences, can you please list them? Thanks… I did do a little research but came up with unsatisfactory answers. Plus i figured maybe I wasnt the only one who may have this question, so I figured why not post it 😉 Peace, Love, and Hair Grease

  2. Tom says:

    Great episode. I may be biased though…very relevant to my interests!

  3. Matthew says:

    I’ll also work on my spelling.

  4. Matthew says:

    Loved this episode. I will deffinatlly have my friends who are new comers listen to this.