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Sex Mastery: The Shaolin Mound Meld

"Stand back, ladies! He's gonna try it double handed."

Romance is in the Air. And so is a hint of danger. Red hearts plaster the local drugstore.

I’m going to share something with you now. It’s the secret to everything. (And for lovers of the ladies, that just might be a true statement)

The following NSFW video is the sex tip that changed my sex life. I learned it as “The Pussy Hug” but it might as well be called The Shaolin Mound Meld. It’s just that powerful.

Female sexuality can be complex. This is the secret weapon. You don’t have to keep it secret, but keep it safe.

It’s like the force. Use it.


Hi, my name is Sex Nerd Sandra. Let’s associate!

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  1. LaLa says:

    Just watched this with my partner. I had to pause the video 4x to emphasize your wonderful amazing TRUE points. He says he’s willing to watch more of your videos.
    WIN for me!

  2. @skillscat – Wow. More than a technique, that’s a four-part maneuver.

  3. Skillscat says:

    This reminds me of my “Rock the cradle” technique, I sit on the sofa and my lady lies face up on my lap and I place my right hand on her vulva, left hand around her neck and down to cup her left breast and alternate between french kissing her and various licks on and around her right areola. her left hand is reaching under her, to stroke my penis. We did this for an hour and Its was mutually agreed to be heavenly. Then when were both hot and bothered and she has orgasmed several times we get to penetration. wow, do I enjoy entering a woman who wants me as badly as I want her.

  4. Louis says:


    Just when I thought I had somewhat of a grasp on this, excuse the pun.

    I still have yet to learn.

  5. Saso Alauf says:

    I think the super sex friends squad sounds better than the super friends with benefits, don’t you?

    liked the video though 🙂

  6. Zen_Ronin says:

    @ Sandra
    Thanks for the feed back, i just wanted to make sure, here’s hoping I get an opporunity to put theory into practice. lol

    I compltely understand the concept of the endgame as well, more guys need to understand that foreplay can be like 90% of the fun. Exploration and experimentation; should be everyones sexual motto!!

  7. @Zen_Ronin It works both ways but I like palm to clit, fingers at opening, personally. The palm is broad and flat, versus fingertips which can get pushy.

    The point is to not even worry about the clit. The clit is your endgame. This is your opening move.

    Thanks for watching!

  8. DefconDan says:

    Sandra awesome as always and “roving sex educators” soo much better title than hookers! 🙂 Just kidding!!

  9. Zen_Ronin says:

    Just to clairify. Is my palm pressing on the clit? Or is my hand the other way around? Or does it work both ways? Great videos btw, entertaining, informative, and full of sexual content. Everything a person needs t be successful!! Keep up the good work.

  10. hexo says:

    Sex nerdiness! Love it! Great tip. Keep ’em coming please!

  11. ABitAndroid says:

    I agree that this is really a great tip.

    But I don’t about sex being better than super heroes.

    Unless it’s super hero sex. Mind-Fuck.

  12. Garry B. says:

    Nice The Super Friends with Benefits aka The Coitus League.

  13. Nice one, Zak. I like.

    There’s actually a whole band of roving sex educators that travel the world teaching sex skill workshops. It’s like a secret society of super heroes… with very special powers.

  14. Zak R. says:

    Traveling Sex Teacher sounds like the most skeevy but desirable job in the world! I just imagine this person is like Bruce Banner, solving problems then disappearing down the road, only instead of “you won’t like me when I’m angry” they say “you will like it when you’re horny” or something like that. I’ll work on the reference a bit.

  15. DMack says:

    Good advice… Don’t do it with that lobster claw oven mitt, though 😮