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Seth Green Yelled At Me At Comic-Con

Hey! Did you guys know I was on a panel at Comic-Con? Did you know Seth Green’s girlfriend wife, Clare Grant, was also on the panel? Did you know Seth Green TOTALLY BOGARTED OUR DISCUSSION FOR LIKE 900 MINUTES? It’s true! Not only did he con someone into giving him a microphone (big mistake), but he then chastised me because our very own Chris Hardwick had not had him on the Nerdist Podcast yet. Seth Green chastised me. In front of elevendy thousand people and their iPhone cameras.

It was awesome.


Photo Credit: Elton Holm

Look, I’m a huge Buffy dork (which I try to keep quiet about because it makes things weird around certain friends) and I was already freaking out because they sat me next to Clare Kramer (GLORY!!!) so this Seth Green situation just sent me right over the top — straight into peeing my pants territory.

Anyway, after Seth berated me, he winked and blew me a kiss and I basically tried to crawl under the table and die from happy embarrassment. And now I guess he is probably going to be on the podcast. So that happened. *dies*