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Seth Green, Matt Senreich and Geoff Johns Preview ROBOT CHICKEN’s DC Comics Special II and Season 7

Seth Green, Matt Senreich and Geoff Johns Preview ROBOT CHICKEN’s DC Comics Special II and Season 7

Before Robot Chicken enters its seventh season on Adult Swim, Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise will air this weekend, this time around focusing on the villains. Nerdist had a chance to talk with Robot Chicken‘s Seth Green and Matthew Senreich as well as DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns about having a little fun with the DCU, the special guest stars in Season 7, and which one of them Matt was guy-crushing on.

In the midst of the super serious Man of Steel and the hyper realistic Dark Knight trilogy, how did anyone get permission to have this much fun with the DC characters? Robot Chicken executive producer Matt Senrich explained, “It was super casual, and as far as the difference between some of the gravity of some of the movies versus doing something like this, the thing that DC does that I think it does so well is in all their different mediums, Geoff said it earlier, it’s what’s best for the character. You know, there are so many iterations of Batman.” DC’s Geoff Johns continued, “Batman can be for kids. It can be for adults, it can be games, it can be in cartoons, it can be in Robot Chicken.” Villains in Paradise director and Robot Chicken executive producer Seth Green added, “[Geoff] said something before that I think is, it’s a brave statement, and DC kind of believes this: You can’t break these characters. You can just interpret them through different lenses, so it’s a really ballsy thing to let us have so much comedic fun with the characters, but it really only more deeply enriches the icons you know into the marketplace.”

After the premiere of RCDC2VIP, what can fans of the Emmy-award winning series look forward to from Season 7? Said Green, “It’s ridiculous. We can talk about a lot of it, it’s been an insane season, it’s a matter of recalling it at this point.” Senreich chimed in, “We have Chris Pine came in to do a Star Trek sketch with Patrick Stewart… A lot of Game of Thrones people came on the show.” Green continued, “From George R.R. Martin to Maisie Williams…” “Sean Bean came in. It’s been a really good group of people,” said Senreich.

Were there any surprises in the recording booth this season? Senreich told us, “I think my biggest man crush of the season was Chris O’Donnell, who came in and you wouldn’t expect, and he was one of the best voice over actors I think we’ve had on the show… I was blown away. Like, you have people come in and as a voice actor, its so different than a live action actor and what they can get across in it, but he was, he was top of the line.”

Between the DCU, Game of Thrones and Star Trek, Robot Chicken fans have a lot to look forward to this season. Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains in Paradise premieres Sunday, April 6 and Robot Chicken Season 7 premieres the following Sunday, April 13 on Adult Swim.