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SET LIST: Paul Foot on Necrophilia, Fondue Sets, and Beetles

Cult comic hero Paul Foot lends his unique brand of British brilliance to the Nerdist Channel on a brand new episode of Set List in which he fearlessly casts aside his usual prepared material and improvises absurdities based on the impossibly odd prompts supplied by the mad geniuses Troy Conrad and Paul Provenza. In a set covering the finer points of necrophiliac lovemaking, sex clubs with fondue sets, and the significance of reaching one hundred beetles, Foot deftly dances from topic to topic, weaving jokes at such a frantic pace that he’s like a seamstress on methamphetamines.

What did you think of Paul Foot’s Set List? Let us know in the comments below and watch even more amazing comics try their hand at stand-up without a net on the Nerdist Channel.


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