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SET LIST: Mitch Benn’s Musical Ode to Woodpeckers, Hit-and-Runs, and S&M

Live from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, British comedian Mitch Benn brings his uniquely hilarious acoustic stylings to the Nerdist Channel’s Set List: Stand-up Without a Net, and oh, what a show it was! Wielding nothing but his wits and his trusty guitar, Benn delivered showstopping musical odes about everything from hit-and-run accidents to woodpeckers to sadomasochism and more. After the show, Benn said, “I want to have no memory of what I just did,” but the cameras happened to be rolling and we happened to be rolling on the floor laughing (literally ROFLing), so here we are. Without further ado, here’s the never before seen Set List of Mitch Benn.

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