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Set List: Kurt Braunohler

Hey, look, it’s Kurt Braunohler taking his turn on the latest edition of Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad’s exercise in “stand-up without a net,” Set List on the Nerdist Channel. You know Kurt from, among other things, his very own Nerdist Podcast Network show The K Ohle, in which he puts fellow comedians on the spot by having them talk about stuff like boats and pets. This time, Kurt’s on the spot himself, having to come up with material on the fly based on topics being flashed on the screen behind him. Not easy, is it, Kurt?

Oh, and while we’re talking about Set List, some great news: they’re taping 40 more episodes, and they’ll be from all around the world, including Just for Laughs Toronto, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Cabo San Lucas Comedy Festival, and back at NerdMelt Showroom in Los Angeles. Among the comics coming up: Greg Proops, the Sklar Brothers, Greg Fitzsimmons, Kyle Kinane, Brendon Walsh, Baron Vaughn, Eddie Pepitone, Jon Daly, and Chris Fairbanks.

So subscribe to the Nerdist Channel now and you won’t miss any of it. That’s your prompt.

And there’s more Kurt! Without the pressure of surprise topics, Kurt went on Conan Thursday night — here he is talking about Sublime songs on L.A. radio, how to confuse people, and three facts about himself: