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SET LIST: Bobcat Goldthwait

Many of us know the great Bobcat Goldthwait. Some of us know him from his unworldly voice, stand-up comedy, and Police Academy in the ’80s. Others know him, more recently, from his spectacular indie filmography, which includes World’s Greatest Dad and God Bless America. Others still might know Bobcat from directing episodes of Chappelle’s ShowJimmy Kimmel Live, and most recently Maron on IFC. Goldthwait even directed Patton Oswalt’s latest comedy special Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time.

No matter where you know Bobcat from, you should all be happy to know that Goldthwait has been delving back into stand-up, though he has dropped the manic voice that was once his act’s trademark. In fact, Bobcat has started doing improvised stand-up on Paul Provenza and Troy Conrad’s Set List, arguably the most difficult way to perform stand-up comedy. Of course, given someone with Bobcat’s wide and accomplished background in comedy over the last 30 years, it should be no surprise that he can riff on the most non-sensical topic like a pro.

Watch as Goldthwait tackles stand-up without a net at the Galway Comedy Festival in the video above.