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L.A.: Come Screen Two “Doctor Who” Christmas Specials for Free

Hi, folks, hope you had a terrific holiday and that all the many baked goods you’ve consumed haven’t left you in some kind of glucose-induced coma. Just thought that those of you in the Los Angeles area might be interested in a fun thing tomorrow, Saturday, December 29th at 2 pm: The Doctor Who Screening Series at the NerdMelt Showroom in Meltdown Comics will be screening Matt Smith’s first two Christmas specials, “A Christmas Carol” and “The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe,” for the low, low price of no dollars and no cents.

As always, I’ll be hosting and asking trivia questions, which will win you super awesome prizes provided by BBC Home Entertainment. The fun starts at 2; come on down and watch and talk about our favorite time-traveling, super-old alien guy with some people with similar interests. It’ll be a good time, yo. Click here to RSVP and, again, it’s all kinds of FREE.

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  1. jim b. says:

    This site doesn’t have enough Dr. Who posts.

  2. Lisa says:

    Bringing my 15 and 12 year-old Whovians. Perfect rainy day treat. Any idea when this event will end?

  3. Collins says:

    @meh have you ever listened to a hostful this is just the right proportion, and I mean that positively

  4. Josh Zeller says:

    These screenings are just AWESOME! Wish I could go to this one, but would highly recommned people to go. It’s great to see the episodes with a crowd of fans, this should be a fun one with the XMas specials, the real treats are seeing the clossic serials!

  5. meh says:

    This site has too many doctor who posts

  6. Raw_Beans says:

    My 8year-old daughter is a recent Dr. Who convert, I was thinking about bringing her to this tomorrow. Think it’ll be ok for her?

    I’m not worried about the episodes, I just don’t want her to be the only kid there….