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See “The Kings of Summer” AND “Doug Loves Movies” Live in L.A. Wednesday (6/19)

Are you in the greater Los Angeles area? Will you be in the greater Los Angeles area this Wednesday evening, June 19th? Okay, then, here’s what you need to do:

a) Click here.
b) Buy tickets.
c) On Wednesday evening, go to the Landmark theaters at the Westside Pavilion for the 7:40 pm show.
d) Enjoy not only a screening of our friend Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ critically acclaimed and very funny The Kings of Summer, but a very special LIVE episode of Doug Loves Movies with our friend Doug Benson joined by Jordan and some of the cast.

TheLANDMARKWe’ve told you about the movie, and Kyle reviewed it and talked to Jordan about it — that interview’s here and highly recommended. It’s a coming-of-age movie with an unusual twist: Three teens, fed up with their parents, build a house in the woods to escape. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally play two of the parents (not, as they are in real life, married to each other), and some Nerdist Podcast people — Kumail Nanjiani, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Thrilling Adventure Hour regulars Marc Evan Jackson and Craig Cackowski — are in it, too. And Alison Brie and Thomas Middleditch. Here be some reviews from reputable sources, too.

So, go. Click here for tickets. A good movie AND a live Doug Loves Movies; such a deal….