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See “Pop My Culture” With Drew Carey Live Saturday At SF Sketchfest

You know already that the Nerdist Podcast Live will be appearing at SF Sketchfest Saturday, but another member of the Nerdist podcast family is also doing a live show at the festival, it’s also coming up Saturday afternoon, and you’ll want to be there, too.

Cole Stratton and Vanessa Ragland are doing a live version of Pop My Culture Saturday afternoon at 1 pm Pacific at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco, and they’ll have Drew Carey with them to talk about TV, movies, music, comedy, and anything else in pop culture. If you’ve heard the podcast, you know this is going to be good. If you haven’t heard the podcast, you really should: it’s among Rolling Stone’s “Best Comedy Podcasts of the Moment,” and it’s the kind of water-cooler pop culture talk you’d have with friends, provided that your friends include some of the funniest and smartest people in show business. And this is a chance to see and hear it live with Drew Carey, which is hard to pass up. Plus, it’s early enough that even if you plan to be at the Nerdist Podcast Live show Saturday night, you’ll have plenty of time to see both, with dinner in between. That would be a very cool day.

So the show’s on Saturday, January 28th — THIS Saturday — at 1 pm Pacific at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco as part of SF Sketchfest, and you can get tickets by clicking here. It is highly recommended that you do so.