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See Pop Culture Day Of The Dead Dioramas and Icons On Wood At L.A.’s iam8bit

Coupla nerd-friendly art shows coming up here in L.A. from our friends at iam8bit, whose exhibitions we’ve featured before, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up in case you’re looking for something interesting to do this weekend.

This Friday (10/26), there’ll be an opening reception for a solo exhibition by a guy who calls himself Senor Chips, a self-described gringo who makes calacas — those Day of the Dead dioramas — that are infused with Anglo pop culture. Since it’s that season, he’s having his first solo exhibition at iam8bit, “Hecho en el Norte” (“Made in the North”). Peanuts, South Park, Adventure Time, even Jersey Shore and Pac-Man are depicted in the traditional Mexican Día de los Muertos fashion. They’re cool and hilarious and you’ll want to see them.

But at the same time, there’s another exhibition, same place, same time: Evan Yarbrough, who creates art under the name Evanimal, is having HIS first solo exhibition, “Fast Cars, Bad Broads, Rugged Men,” and you have to see this stuff. From Ripley to Roy Scheider in Jaws and James Bond, his artwork is detailed and arresting, and it’s all posted on pieces of wood, with the grain showing through for a really unique look. This is awesome stuff.

The gallery is at 2147 W. Sunset Boulevard in L.A., over in Echo Park near Alvarado, and the exhibits run through November 11th. Go to this link to RSVP for the Senor Chips opening reception or to this link to RSVP for Evanimal, although since they’re both Friday at the same time… well, do whatever you want, but you’ll want to get down there if you’re in L.A.