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See EDGE OF TOMORROW Early With Chris Hardwick

If there’s one thing we can all agree on as nerds, it’s that a midnight screening the day before a film’s release still isn’t early enough. Chris Hardwick’s duet partner Tom Cruise is hitting the big screen this summer to beat back a swarm of bio-technological creatures bent on destroying humanity. Not only do Mr. Cruise and Warner Bros. Pictures want you to see the movie, they want Nerdist fans to see the movie first and for free. That’s why Nerdist is teaming up with Warner Bros. to cut down your wait for Edge of Tomorrow; much the same way you’ll get to see Emily Blunt cut down invaders from another planet with a big ass sword.

Nerdist is presenting an exclusive free preview screening at 7:30PM on Monday, June 2nd at the historic TCL Chinese Theater in IMAX 3D, complete with an introduction from our very own Chris Hardwick. A few lucky audience members will also walk away with some super cool prizes!

You may be quemmenting to yourself, “But Nerdist folk, how do I get in?” It’s simple, CLICK HERE TO RSVP!

People under 17 years may only be admitted if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please arrive no later than 6:45PM. Seating is first come, first served and only the first 900 people will be allowed entry. Please bring your ID for admittance. Venue is overbooked to assure a full house. VENUE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR OVERBOOKING. Your RSVP does not guarantee seating and must be surrendered upon demand. No one will be admitted without an RSVP. Each RSVP admits one and each person must have his or her own individual name on our RSVP list to be permitted into the screening.
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  1. Doug B says:

    Got my RSVPs! OK Hivemind, what size crowd is this going to attract? As in how early should one reasonably show up and expect to get inside?

    • jose says:

      I’ve been to other screenings b4 and 1+ hours before is ok. I’m planning to be there by 6 and try to get a good place in line.

  2. Andy Ellis says:

    Can’t wait to go….oh, wait, I live in MN.  THIS is why teleportation needs to happen now! 

  3. JetpackBlues says:

    Goddammit for living on the east coast….