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See A New Trailer For FALLING SKIES Season Four

See A New Trailer For FALLING SKIES Season Four

The summer television season is almost upon us and that means one thing: a new season of Falling Skies is almost here!

Oh, Falling Skies, how we do love you.

The Steven Spielberg produced, post-apocalyptic alien invasion drama seems to have really stepped up its game this year. Last season ended on a crazy note that saw the Volm take command of the Espheni resistance as Tom and the Second Mass treked back to Charleston, during which Tom kills Karen and is reunited with his magically aged up daughter, Alexis, who we then learn may or may not have super-alien powers.

This season appears to take place some time after those events, with Alexis appearing to now be a full grown woman walking around in a red dress, very Game of Thrones. Regardless, the show looks as epic as ever, and its premiere can’t get here fast enough.

Falling Skies premieres June 22nd on TNT.