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Sean Bean’s Kinda-Sorta Backtracking on That GAME OF THRONES Spoiler Theory

Sean Bean’s Kinda-Sorta Backtracking on That GAME OF THRONES Spoiler Theory

Uh oh — did somebody get a bit of a talkin’ to from either HBO, George R.R. Martin, and/or David Benioff and D.B. Weiss? Because Ned Stark’s real-life counterpart, actor Sean Bean, is kind of backtracking on the confidence he had when discussing that big fan theory about the parentage of Jon Snow. Needless to say there are spoilers ahead, Game of Thrones fans, so turn away now if you don’t want to have your head done in by a seriously game-changing spoiler. (It’s major, for real. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

In a video interview with HuffPost Live, Bean was asked point-blank if he believes Jon Snow is his child. Previously the actor had been on record as saying, “I’m obviously not Jon Snow’s dad.” Now? He’s less than sure of those claims, instead opting to say that he doesn’t “really [know], but I’ve heard some rumors that I can’t reveal at the moment.”

“Oh come on!” the interviewer shouted (as, we’re sure, the rest of the Internet did, too), before he went on to say “I don’t think, I — I very much doubt that he’s my son. I’ve got my suspicions, but I don’t know.”

Bean squirms his way throughout the entire interview before ending it all with the fact that if nothing else, he likely feels like a father figure to Snow regardless. “I mean, I brought him up, I spent all those years looking after him.”

So — who do we think got to Bean? Was it Martin? Benioff and Weiss? Or some combination thereof? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.