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Screen Team Lives the GTA Life

The newest YouTubers to join the Nerdist Alliance are the Screen Team, the video game and pop culture channel made up of Chad and Angie, two people who love cosplaying and poking fun at the things they love. We can get behind that wholeheartedly. They’ve already made quite a few excellent parody and music videos, as well as their regular weekly chitting and chatting, but they have delivered their masterpiece.

GTA 5“Bitch It’s Grand Theft Auto!” explores what life would really look like if we all lived in the world of GTA 5. The answer is: weird. From the police not caring that you’re carrying a bazooka around to the way you have to do yoga to improve your stamina, the Team raps about life on the pixelated streets. The video also has cameos from a number of other internet celebrities; see if you can spot them all! (HINT: They’re all listed at the end, so it’s not that hard.)

There’s also a making-of video you can find right below this sentence, so you can see exactly how the Screen Team managed to shoot up streets and drive cop cars around without anybody getting upset about it. Probably.