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Sci-Fi Shapes and Nerdy Numbers

Sci-Fi Shapes and Nerdy Numbers

Sci-fi Shapes - Cover

Math is fun. Just ask Danica McKellar. Math can be beautiful, math is music, math is patterns, math is art. And the sooner we can show children the beauty and fun of math, the bigger their world view will be.

Andrew and Sarah Spear, authors of the My Little Geek board book, are back with two new treats for tiny nerdlings. First up: Sci Fi Shapes. There’s no need to ever underestimate what a child can absorb. Remember that 5-year-olds can learn calculus if you introduce it to them in the right way. To that point: here you’ll find the usual toddler fare: circles, squares and diamonds… but you’ll also find dodecahedrons and toroids. Trust me, they’re ready for it.

Sci-fi Shapes - Spread

And the same goes for Nerdy Numbers.

Nerdy Numbers - Cover

We’re a base 10 society, so of course we want our children to learn how to count to 10. But Andrew and Sarah go above and beyond, introducing children to other important numbers like googol and the answer to the meaning of life: 42.

Nerdy Numbers - Spread

These board books are no-brainers for people who want to give kids the gift of a bigger brain.