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Nerdist School Classes


Tuition for all classes (improv, sketch, etc.) is priced at $350
Although… there IS a code that gets you $25 dollars off tuition price.  To find the special code word, simply click here – figure out the solution to the puzzle and enter it into the “CODE” box at the bottom of the class signup form.
Good Luck!


Musical Improv 1
Sundays 11AM – 2PM
Starts August 30

*Musical improv song structure

*Channel emotions into song

*Solo songs, duets, trios

*Musical experience NOT required

Instructor Matt Cohen has taught musical improv since he co-created The Next Big Broadway Musical! in 1999. In 2011, he began teaching in Second City’s Music Improv Conservatory, where he provided instruction in every level, from musical games to songwriting. He has also taught for Baby Wants Candy and various festivals. He most recently composed two pieces for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, including “Stay, Mr. Hannity, Stay,” sung by the Broadway cast of Jersey Boys, and “Koch Blocked,” which guest George Clooney called “fantastic” and he composed the music for NBC’s still-untitled sketch comedy project.
“I have learned so many valuable things studying with Matt. He’s frank without being mean, fun without being careless, and will share his encyclopedic knowledge of the art form in a way that is meaningful and transformative. I count myself very lucky to have had the chance to study with him.” –Liz Joynt Sandberg, Second City Music Improv Conservatory graduate

“Matt taught me the fundamentals of improvised song structure, which I still use every week creating improvised musicals. He is an amazing musician who can help you unleash your inner star.” – Robert Z. Grant, Cast member of Broadway’s Next Hit Musical!

Improv Level 1
Thursdays 7-10 pm
Starts August 13

*Discover emotional truth in scene work*Learn to make strong emotional choices*Object work, stage blocking and scene editing*Play high and low status character
Instructor Rebbekka Johnson has taught improv for 10+ years at The PIT in NYC, UCLA and Columbia University. She’s a writer, producer and director of Speakeasy, a talk show hosted by Paul F. Tompkins and co-created The Apple Sisters, an award winning musical comedy trio who’ve produced countless live shows, two albums and many videos. She’s written for Slate V, Chow and Atomic Wedgie. She’s directed stage shows including, The New York Smiths, Rachel Bloom is a Triple Threat and The Irish Peddlers.