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Scent of a Techie

Every die-hard Apple fan knows the “opening the box” ritual. You slowly peel the plastic wrap and stare at the undisturbed box for just a few seconds before opening it. The move is slow, gentle, and with more concentration than you give to you day job. Once the box is open, you gaze at your new MacBook, iPad or iPhone. Then, you breathe in and…. smell it??

That’s at least what the people over at Air Aroma think. They’ve created a new (unisex?) fragrance designed to specifically mimic the scent of opening a new Apple product. “Apple fans will certainly recognize this smell,” they assert. The top notes of this perfume are glue, plastic, rubber and paper. While this may not exactly make Elizabeth Taylor proud, it certainly speaks to a niche audience. I am an Apple devotee myself, and while I don’t necessarily relish in opening the box, I know plenty of people who do. But do they like it so much that they want their house to smell like it? Or their bodies?

We may never get to find out, as this scent is strictly for exhibition purposes in Melbourne now through May 12th. Since you won’t be able to find it online or in retail stores (copyright infringement, perhaps?), you can always hold a jar to a new Apple product and try to capture its elusive scent. And then feel like an idiot because you just tried to bottle how a box smells.





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  1. Hmm, I did take in a big whiff of my iPhone 4S before caressing it softly upon opening the box. Perhaps every time I get the urge to buy more Apple products I should just take a whiff of this stuff and feel sated.

  2. Eli says:

    I would pay any price for a bottle of this stuff. All my extra cash is already being placed into a large funnel that is the local apple store anyway.

  3. Josh says:

    Awesome. Not a devotee of Apple myself, but I am incredibly fond of the scent of computer products…. :)