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SCARFACE House Hits the Market

SCARFACE House Hits the Market

So, you’re sitting in your stupid house after wandering from bedroom to bathroom to half bath, and you’re thinking, “You know what this place is missing? Gold leaf.” Have we got the place for you! El Fureidis a/k/a the Scarface house has hit the market for a cool $35 million.

The place might feel a little tight at 10,000 square feet. It’s only got 4 bedrooms (9 bathrooms though, which let’s be real, is way more important) but it’s got that gold leaf. That’s in the Byzantine-style “conversation room” modeled after a Roman church, and also in the dining room’s mural depicting Alexander the Great’s conquering of Persepolis. The house is also known for providing rare palm trees to Disneyland. That, and having a fountain perfect to die in and tons of square footage for your mountains of cocaine.

It’s in Montecito, so you’d be also Oprah-adjacent. It was last purchased by a Russian billionaire in 2009 (obviously), and not too long ago it was available for rent for only $30,000 a month. Worth it just to greet guests with a, “Say hello to my little house.”

Take the world’s most elaborate virtual tour of a seriously elaborate house here.

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