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Scarecrow Triumphant: The New Chipotle Game App Commercial

chipotle-scarecrowThis short, courtesy of animation house Moonbot Studios, has the internet abuzz with unabashed brand loyalty to Chipotle. The burrito slingers put out the video, about a humble scarecrow battling bigwig corporate food distributors in hopes of creating something more sustainable,  as a companion/trailer to an app you can play. In addition to listening to Fiona Apple re-appropriate a famous Willy Wonka tune, you can battle the dastardly Crow Foods and take down their monopoly on the food industry. Just make sure to not get salsa on your phone.

Download the app here, and look for the single next week on iTunes.

Did playing this game make you think twice about where your food comes from? What’s in your ideal burrito? Where do you stand on refried beans? Leave a quemment below or let’s hash it out on Twitter! And as always, especially in this case, enjoy your burrito!