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Saturday Night “Nerdist” on BBC America: JGL, Gillian Jacobs, More

nerdistbbcjgljacobsfinal2013Well, will ya look at that, it’s Saturday night already. Make it a good one with BBC America’s Supernatural Saturday lineup, with new episodes of Doctor Who (8/7c) and Orphan Black (9/8c) followed by The Nerdist (10/9c).

Tonight on The Nerdist, Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about hitRECord and his new movie Don Jon, Community‘s Gillian Jacobs drops in, everyone plays a challenging game, Jonah and Matt go to the taxidermist in London with Arthur Darvill, and Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel offer some Comic-Con instructions. It’s all ready for you at 10/9c on BBC America, and on Sunday at 7/6c/4p (yeah, I know, 5p in Alberta and Saskatchewan, don’t wanna forget you guys) on Space in Canada. Hope you love it….

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Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

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  1. Gordon says:

    Is it from the original Final Fantasy? Looks familiar to me

  2. Pingfreud says:

    Off-topic, but does anyone know the origin of the pixel-art dragon poster or painting on the left side of the set?

  3. Pingfreud says:

    Great episode – off-topic, but does anyone know the origin of the dragon poster behind and to the left (the host’s right) on the set? I’ve got a weakness for pixel art, and that is pretty freaking awesome.

  4. Joe says:

    I’m sure this episode was taped weeks ago right? I don’t think Paul Scheer would have gone for the San Diego Comic Con terrorist attack joke after Boston, nor would the audience have laughed as hard.

  5. Drarry says:

    I remember him on Roseanne as DJ’s friend George, who had a coin collection and annoyed Dan.

  6. Alex says:

    Joseph Gordon Levitt came on and I said, “I KNOW THAT GUY. I KNOW THAT GUY. Where do I know that guy?”
    I had just watched Dark Knight Rises with my dad, so apparently, that’s where I know that guy.

  7. The new dark shadows would have been cool(maybe as an extra on a dvd(hint hint) but his time on 3rd Rock has been asked to death

  8. Kevin Gill says:

    I was surprised that there was no mention of Joseph Gordon Levitt’s career prior to 3rd Rock From the Sun – particularly his role in the New Dark Shadows in 1991