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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Candylebrity Art Show

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Candylebrity Art Show

Have you ever found yourself thinking a piece of art looks so good you want to lick it? Then we’ve got the art show for you. Pop artist Jason Mecier is showing off his candy mosaic art at Sweet! Hollywood. You can’t lick or otherwise touch the pieces, but you can admire the portraits he’s made from candy such as chiclets, jelly beans, and Mike and Ikes. The images feature celebrities so the series is appropriately named Candylebrity. From the press release:

Candylebrity is a sugary new series of candy portraits inspired by Hollywood’s sweetest stars! Lickable ladies like Lisa Vanderpump, Big Ang, and Miley Cyrus will be there. Don’t forget about the Man-Candy! James Franco, Breaking Bad’s Walter and Jesse, and Zack Gummy Bear Galifianakis will be there too! Candylebrity will make the Candy Corns from Orange is the New Black, Judge Judy and Abby Lee Miller all do the Hot Tamale!

Sweet! Hollywood is the ideal place to host Mecier’s sugary exhibit, and the candy shop located at the bustling Hollywood & Highland area is a treasure trove of sweets. If you can imagine a type of candy confection, it’s probably available in the store. That’s perfect, since you’ll probably be craving candy after seeing Mecier’s art.

Some examples of what you’ll find at the Candylebrity show:




The exhibit runs from June 25 – September 25, 2014, and there will be an opening reception on June 25th from 7:00pm – 10:00pm. Admission to both the reception and the exhibit is free. Get more information about the location and event at Sweet! Hollywood.