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Sara Underwood @NerdMelt

Thanks, Attack of the Show! You’re keen!

Until we integrate the new calendar on here, goto for NerdMelt show info and/or follow @NerdMelt on the tweets!


  • That was awesome… and so glad Sara said she’d do the podcast.. oh yea and i think shes a must for the first Video nerdist podcast..

    Which I think would be awesome considering I live on the east coast and odds of me getting to actually see one are slim.. least for the near future, and after getting a glimpse of the happenings at the BD panel briefly in the clip.. its left me wanting more!… oh and Kudos to Chris for G4 finally given nerdmelt a bump.. i say finally as i have direct tv and don’t know if they plug it for him more often lol

  • While I understand the sentiment of a Sara Jean Underwood video podcast, that’s not something I can watch while I drive to work. Well, I guess I can, but at great risk to my personal well being. I’d have to hold the iPhone, and I only have two hands. How will I steer?

  • At the time of this post, I have been unable to access the video. I press play and nothing starts. I have been to the AOTS section of G4 and tried to watch the video there as well. I think it has been removed.

    Please check the link Chris. G4 has a nasty habit of removing videos quickly. I have tried to find an Around The Net from as recently as March 2011 only to find it is no longer available.

  • At the time of this post, I have finally been able to access the video. Meltdown looks like a nice spot.

    I’m unsure what the issue was with the link, but thank you for resolving it!