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Samuel L. Jackson Quotes PULP FICTION From Memory, and It’s Awesome

Samuel L. Jackson Quotes PULP FICTION From Memory, and It’s Awesome

So, we all love Samuel L. Jackson. Not just because of his iconic status. Not just because he’s (arguably) the coolest Jedi in the galaxy. And not just because the man knows how to seriously rock the eye-patch look. We love Samuel L. Jackson simply because he is so great at being Samuel L. Jackson. Every so often, the famed actor will step out of the off-screen shadows and remind us why, and most recently he did so on The Graham Norton Show with the aid of some good old Tarantino dialogue.

Every major actor has those handful of career defining roles that inevitable sticks in their brains: Brad Pitt/Tyler Durden, Kevin Spacey/Keyser Söze, Bryan Cranston/Walter White, so it’s no surprise Jackson can quote, arguably, the most iconic scene his character has in Pulp Fiction. The surprising thing is not only how willing he is to do it, but how much fun he clearly has by doing so. You can’t fake the kind of smile that comes over his face after he finishes the monologue. Also, what crazy substance is Norton serving in the green room that he can get Jackson to quote Pulp Fiction and Will Smith to do the theme song of Fresh Prince with DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro? Remember that one? Yeah, Norton is seriously adept at breaking down walls with his guests.

What actor would you love to see quote themselves from memory, and would you want to see it happen on the Graham Norton show? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Django says:

    Yeah,Graham is my favourite talk show host for a reason!!