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SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Trailer, Now With More Subtitles

SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Trailer, Now With More Subtitles

With a mere two weeks away from the worldwide premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal, Viz has released an English-subtitled version of the anime’s official trailer.

The new 26-episode series is a reimagining of the Sailor Moon manga’s Dark Kingdom arc that focuses on the inner Guardians, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus against the evil Queen Beryl.

While we knew that the new anime series was making its return on July 5 using streaming services Hulu and, now we’ve got confirmation that the subtitled version will air simultaneously on the same date.

Take a look at the subtitled trailer below:

Even though I already knew the iconic line, “In the name of the Moon, I ‘ll punish you!” was uttered in the official non-subtitled trailer, goosebumps still ran over my body as Sailor Moon yelled her battle-cry and subtitles appeared on the screen (and I finally understood what she was saying).

Sailor Moon Crystal premieres July 5 and with new episodes airing every first and third Saturday of every month.


  1. random guy says:

    Is that venus? carrying an*l beads?