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In an earlier piece on Veronica Mars, I described Dick Casablancas as “the guy you love to hate.” A few readers took offense to this, while others appear to vehemently despise him. I don’t blame you. After all, Dick has done some pretty reprehensible things. While he doesn’t necessarily get the same redemptive arc that Logan does, IF (big if) you can justify Logan’s behavior for the sake of a ship, perhaps Dick deserves a second chance, too.

Ryan Hansen

In fact, we spoke with Dick himself, Ryan Hansen, about it at the SXSW red carpet premiere of Veronica Mars. When asked if Dick has grown up at all since we last saw him, Hansen joked, “Dick has grown… Dick has grown. Just not mentally. You know, you can’t beat Dick.”

It’s no surprise that Hansen has the same affable qualities that Dick does. That’s why many “love to hate” him. Dick’s obviously a total creep, he has the emotional maturity of a toaster… but he’s also this sort of sleazy charm to him. Ten years later, he’s hardly a hero, but he is a good friend to Logan — and an excellent source of comedic relief.

Ryan Hansen

While we had Hansen cornered, we asked him about another cult TV show from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas that was canceled far too soon, Party Down. Is there any hope for a Party Down movie? “Yeah, come on, guys! Let’s get that going. Right here, right… Rob!” he called off to Thomas. “No, we have to do that. All the cast… we really want to.” Until that Kickstarter is announced, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. ColinJ says:

    I’m bummed that PARTY DOWN was cancelled and would love to see more, but I did like how it ended. Which is rare.

    Maybe they should wait until GLEE is canned so they can get Jane Lynch back.