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Rumor: Leaked Image Unveils DISHONORED II

Rumor: Leaked Image Unveils DISHONORED II

Oh, yeah, it’s definitely that time of the year again, my friends. You know, that time when all of the E3 secrets slowly but surely get leaked until there are few-to-no surprises left. The latest of such leaks is a supposed image of Dishonored II, the sequel to Arkane Studios’ last-gen stealth-action title.

Take a look:


CorvoThe image originally surfaced on the Twitter account for AllGamesBeta, by way of NeoGAF user Endless, who received an anonymous, unconfirmed tip via email. Okay, so maybe it’s not the most reliable of sources, but you have to admit the image looks pretty legit. If you look closely, you can see a Dual Shock 4 light bar on the bottom right hand side of the photo, which would suggest that the would-be game is being base developed on the PS4 platform. But of course, there’s a good chance this could be yet another big hoax that the gaming world has grown susceptible to, so don’t throw all of your excitement eggs in the basket quite yet.

As of now, the hashtag #DarknessOfTyvia provides absolutely no search results that are not related to the leaked image, so we’re just going to have to wait to see how this one pans out. But if you’re in serious need of a healthy dose of stealth-action goodness, take a look at our review of Thief to see if it may provide you with what you’ve been craving for.

HT: NeoGAF, AllGamesBeta


  1. Robert "Anaerin" Johnston says:

    That “Light Bar” Could also just be the power light for his monitor – the one for my Acer monitor looks identical. And as it’s a picture of an image from a monitor, it could just be a photoshop mockup. It’s so very simple and entirely lacking in detail. Just sayin’.