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Royal Mail’s Magical Stamps

The Royal Mail released some stamps I can get excited to use!  Lord Voldemort’s face always brightens up a package.  Too bad I don’t mail anything or live in the U.K.

via TDW

Image: Royal Mail

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  1. Wade says:

    Hahahaha, I should have known I would be late to the “no Gandalf? WTF?” party. But that’s okay, because it’s a full house and people are overflowing into the front yard, people are getting tossed into the pool, and I think someone has broken the CD player. That’s a party.

    But I think the Discworld characters are great to have in there. Love that series.

  2. Dropkick McNinja says:

    I cannot believe they got Discworld characters (AWESOME!) but not Gandalf. I mean, seriously!

  3. n18pr says:

    No Lord of The Rings!!!!
    Do Not Want!!!

  4. Scott S says:

    Two Harry Potter, Narnia, and Discworld, and no Lord of the Rings is pretty insane. And they should have used Richard Harris as Dumbledore.

  5. Andrea says:

    Cool. I’m going to add this to my list of Awesome Things That Would Never, Ever Fly In America.

  6. Robin says:

    File this under yet another reason I need to move to the UK. These are amazing!

    Although, I, too, am wondering why Gandalf has been excluded.

  7. Damocles_74 says:

    Jesus, i hope you don’t have to lick them.

  8. ohsnap says:

    what the HELL?!?!?! Where’s Gandalf?!?! You cant have that kind of stamp collection without a Gandalf. 🙁

  9. David says:

    Here’s a link for the Royal Mail Shop, if you want to get presentation packs, etc. Yes, they ship internationally.

  10. Jake says:

    Hmmm….a mixing of fantasy and stamps? I’m almost choking on the geek here.

    You know now what you must do, US Postal Service: a large collection of Star Wars and Star Trek stamps, post-haste!!!

  11. Kevin says:

    No Gandalf???

  12. Ewen says:

    Seeing Rincewind and Nanny Ogg in there make me happier than any of the others. :3