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Roy Gets Suited Up in a New Clip from the ARROW Season Finale

Roy Gets Suited Up in a New Clip from the ARROW Season Finale

“You have failed this city” is what Oliver Queen has to be saying in the mirror right now, right? I mean, an army of super soldier convicts took over all of Starling City in the time it takes to marathon the first season of Arrow. That’s a pretty big vigilante failure if we do say so ourselves. But fear not citizens, for even though Starling is currently under a missile threat, nothing is going to stop the Arrow from saving the city he loves so dear… but he is going to need some help to do it, and that’s where this latest clip from tonight’s finale comes into play:

Say it with us, people: official new vigilante!

Vigilante junior aka Roy Harper is getting his mask tonight, how awesome is that? Also, The League of Assassins is back to totally mess some stuff up. They have to be, right? What else would they be there to do? Come on… give us a Ra’s al Ghul cameo. It would be such a cool way to set-up Season 3.

This last season of Arrow has been crazy, especially when it came to anything involving Slade, and it seems things are only going to get crazier before tonight’s episode comes to its conclusion. Oh, and let’s not forget that we’re supposed to be getting our first look at the new Flash during the finale, so, yay for super-hero awesomeness!

The season finale of Arrow airs tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

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HT: TV Guide