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Romantic Dresses Made Of Romance Novels Are Gorgeous

Romantic Dresses Made Of Romance Novels Are Gorgeous

We voracious readers have been known to say things like “I want to live in this book,” or profess our undying love for a fictional character. But there aren’t many instances of readers saying, “Jeez, I wish I could wear that book on my body.” At least not that we’ve heard. Enter Carrie Ann Schumacher, an artist and teacher in Chicago. Schumacher turns romance novels into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind dresses that were featured in an exhibit at the Chicago Public Library earlier this summer and are currently displayed at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College through August 29th.

Here are a few examples of the amazing work she does.

Harlequin dress

Emil and le vie en rose
via Ox Fam UK

Why Don't You Kiss & Tell
via Ox Fam UK

Desiree and the Boy That Broke Her Heart
via Ox Fam UK

Projects crafted from books can incite the internet to rise up in protest with cries of dismay that anyone would rend a book to pieces. And the books that make up these dresses definitely are ripped apart, cut and glued back together again to give them a new life. She first started using book pages as a medium after she came across a box of discards at her local library. According to an interview she gave in early 2014, each dress is unique and she loves them all equally. She even teased a possible Fifty Shades of Grey dress with an S&M feel to it. We didn’t find that particular one on her website so it must still be in the works.

Even if you don’t completely support the repurposing of books for art supplies, you can’t deny that these dresses are beautiful. Even this writer isn’t sure she would actually want to wear one – just think of the paper cut potential – but they are fun to look at. In fact, Schumacher also isn’t too sure about wearing the dresses. Only a few pages into her Tumblr blog and you can see her admit that, while the dresses are wearable, they may not be terribly comfortable. Regardless, we recommend deep-diving into the internet to find your favorite book fashion. There are oodles of pages of images to satisfy your need to imagine living in your books.

You can see more of Schumacher’s work on her Tumblr and her website.

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  1. kim says:

    Talking about wearing out your happily ever after.